Do you believe that many VFW Posts still do accounting using paper ledgers!
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Well they do! VFW Quartermasters are required to keep Post accounting books. Procedures only address manual/paper ledgers and reports. This is fine for a small Post that only writes a few checks a month. Automated ledgers are allowed, but paper backup is required. I was not about to use a paper ledger and decided to use GnuCash ( several years ago. GnuCash (pronounced NuCash) is a full fledged double entry accounting system somewhere between Quicken and Quickbooks and it's free!

GnuCash was set up to use the VFW's version of Fund Based Accounting. This became fairly simple and could be used by any Post or any organization that uses fund based accounting (most non-profit organizations)

This is a series of page describing how you can implement GnuCash at your post. This is providing that your Quartermaster has at least some computer skills. If they don't, I'll question why they were elected as Quartermaster. The major topics in the series are:

I'll point out that we do not use GnuCash as our main accounting system, although we could. We have an Accountant that handles mainly payroll and taxes and we send them the information they need (in reports or source documents). We basically use it as a checkbook-fund manager.