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Sep 11, 2018
Rails jquery ajax
Mar 20, 2018
Demo Server
Jan 11, 2018
Jekyll with Slim
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Rails jquery ajax

So I’ve been working on a new Rails application, iCash. Actually I’ve make numerous attempts at writing a web based accounting system. Most of them were just reporting (read only a GnuCash sqlite3 file). This one steals GnuCash concepts and reads and writes i.e, i’m thinking of getting rid of GnuCash and all the save-as copy restart, etc. to do the reporting. …

Demo Server

I seem to work in a lot of different directions (going all over the place!). I’ll get bored and start on a new ‘I think I can do that’. I’ll do some stuff, then either get bored with it or refine the initial concept. Since I live in a low-tech area (Gadsden Alabama), I rely on my former co-workers the give me feedback on my latest brain-fart. I can pretty much tell if the brain-fart if worthless by that feedback. Nothing is totally worthless - sometimes a technique (kludge! Idea!) has promises, maybe in another area. …

Shuffling and Stacking the Deck

I mentioned that I considered myself a slightly above average programmer. That maybe a stretch with Ruby. I don’t know Ruby as good as I should for the amount of time I’ve been using it. With the exception of GOTOs, you can write Ruby code that looks like BASIC - full of IF ELSE’s that tunnel down into an unreadable, unmanageable mess. I started that way, but I have gotten a lot better. …

Stash Kludge

I hate to start off by talking about a kludge from my “old school” programing background, but it’s something I’ve used as a prototyping tool that sometimes found it’s way into production. …

My Rails Projects

Some of my Rails projects and goals

A new GolfGaggle Version

Gee, almost another 2 years have gone by! …

See Spot run

Playing around with my Take engine, which is probably going to be renamed to Assessable when I’m down. I’ve played around with evaluating or score text input, either by a contains match or a numeric match. …

Rails 3 deploy with nginx unicorn on OSX

A few weeks ago I bought a new MacMini to replace my PPC MacMini that was pulled out of service a few years ago. It had a few rails and jekyll applications that I ended up moving to my wife’s iMac. Most were just copied and running in developer mode. I had an AppleScript to control start, stop, restart. All worked fine, but not the right way of doing things. I’ll point out that the rails applications are small and are either demo sites for clients or something with a limited audience. …

Open Source Assessments

I think I am going to open source my Assessments work as a plugin …