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Jan 11, 2018
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Everyone knows engineers can’t write! I is an engineeer, but…
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I forgot that I had a few hidden pages/sites stashed in the Octopress version. Things I stuck in if I wanted to share something with the family. Your welcome to take a peek. Hidden Archives

The RX7 Died

This is old news, but all hope is not lost - there is a chance for resurrection. …

RX7 Is Alive

It only took me about 12 years! …

I Hurt My Back

I hurt my back About a month and a half ago, I was tired from working on a money pit project, but I needed to cut the grass. When I pulled the mower out I saw that I had a front flat tire. I’ve been going through this since I bought this thing last year. My little air compressor does not have enough CFM volume to inflate a tubeless tire sitting on the ground. I tried to do what I’ce done several times in the last year - Pick up the front of the mower and put it on a block so that I could get the air compressor to work. …