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Sep 11, 2018
Rails jquery ajax
Mar 20, 2018
Demo Server
Jan 11, 2018
Jekyll with Slim
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Everyone knows engineers can’t write! I is an engineeer, but…
Why such a stupid domain name The personal blog of Steve Alex

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Demo Server

I seem to work in a lot of different directions (going all over the place!). I’ll get bored and start on a new ‘I think I can do that’. I’ll do some stuff, then either get bored with it or refine the initial concept. Since I live in a low-tech area (Gadsden Alabama), I rely on my former co-workers the give me feedback on my latest brain-fart. I can pretty much tell if the brain-fart if worthless by that feedback. Nothing is totally worthless - sometimes a technique (kludge! Idea!) has promises, maybe in another area. …

Jekyll with Slim

I hate html

Using GnuCash for VFW Accounting

Do you believe that many VFW Posts still do accounting using paper ledgers!


As hard as I try, I still have a hard time writing things down, in correct English. …


Preservation of History I was having difficulty the other day trying to get a simple two condition if statement to work. One of those days where you spend hours trying to get something to work and find out it was not working because there are four paths for a two conditions if statement and you were assuming the wrong two. …

Optional Arguments

Passing optional arguments to a method …

Simple Authorization

Simple Authorization …